utility construction

J. White Contracting, Inc. is fully equipped to handle any size utility project, from a one inch domestic water leak to a 24 inch transmission line. We perform work on septic system failures ranging from a simple distribution box replacement to installing an entire new septic system. Our expertise in septic systems, water main and services, storm drainage systems, sanitary sewers, drainage solutions brings quality work that you can count on. We will also perform emergency sewer and water repairs for residential homes.

Past Projects
Monogram Foods in Wilmington, MA
Installed a 7500 gallon grease trap for the food processing plant. Installed a new sewer system for the treatment facility.

Monogram Foods in Wilmington, MA Monogram Foods in Wilmington, MAMonogram Foods in Wilmington, MA

Hilltop Road in West Newbury, MA
Installed approximately 1600 feet of 12 inch water main for the town of west Newbury.
Hilltop Road in West Newbury, MA

Drakes Landing in West Newbury, MA
Installed 3,300 feet of 8 inch water main, 3,000 feet of 6 inch sewer main, two 14,000 gallon holding tanks and two 10,000 gallon pump chambers. 

This was the first project in New England to use FlexMSE Vegetated Wall System.

Lawrence St., Lowell, MA
Technical project in an urban environment with many unknown obstructions. Project included:
New domestic water service, New fire suppression line, Fire hydrant replacements. Entire new drainage system with Stormtec MC 4500 chambers and Parking lot reconstruction.

Lawrence St., Lowell, MALawrence St., Lowell, MALawrence St., Lowell, MA
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